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Microsoft Windows (or simply Windows) is a metafamily of graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. It consists of several families of operating systems, each of which cater to a certain sector of the computing industry. Active Windows families include Windows NT, Windows Embedded and Windows Phone; these may encompass subfamilies, e.g. Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) or Windows Server. Defunct Windows families include Windows 9x and Windows Mobile.

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Windows Server

Windows 2012

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • First configuration
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • WDS
  • IIS 8

Windows 2008

  • Introduction
  • Official Download
  • Official CD Key 180 days evaluation
  • IIS 7
  • Crack Password
  • Troubleshooting
    • Windows update error 8000FFFF
    • Windows 2008 R2 Repair boot (try 1)
    • Windows 2008 R2 Repair boot (try 2)

Windows 2000

  • Introduction
  • Unofficial Service Pack 5
  • IIS 5.0
    • Site configuration
    • Default Page
    • Custom error pages
    • Compression
    • Header Content Cache
    • Install PHP

Windows Desktop

Windows 7

  • Introduction
  • Configuration
  • Bootable USB Key installer
  • WAIK
  • Make a .wim file from an existing windows
  • Convert .wim to .iso
  • Create a live USB Windows 7
  • Change windows type (didn't worked for me)
  • Crack password
  • WoWLan


Windows Tools

Terminal Server Client Portable

To make Remote Desktop a portable app, you will need to copy four files from your Windows system. Two of them, mstc.exe and mstscax.dll are located in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory.

Then get the files mstsc.exe.mui & mstscax.dll.mui located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\(lang-lang) for exemple C:\WINDOWS\system32\en-us

Copy thoose file in a folder with the same structure.

Windows defender offline

Git for Windows