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Display network stats

  • installation
    • package: apt-get install vnstat
    • manual install:
#go to extracted folder
cd vnstat

#compile files
make install

#add the service  
cp -v examples/init.d/debian/vnstat /etc/init.d/
update-rc.d vnstat defaults
#start the service
service vnstat start

#configure network card to listen
vnstat -u -i eth0
  • config files: /etc/vnstat.conf


Display system stats

  • official web site

  • git repo

  • dependnancies
aptitude install python-dev python-pip
  • installation
pip install glances
  • update
pip install --upgrade Glances
  • start app
  • interface information
    • GREEN : state is “OK”
    • BLUE : state is “CAREFUL”
    • PURPLE : state is “WARNING”
    • RED : state is “CRITICAL”
  • help ( h touch )
a  Sort processes automatically          b  Bytes or bits for network I/O
c  Sort processes by CPU%                l  Show/hide alert logs
m  Sort processes by MEM%                w  Delete warning alerts
u  Sort processes by USER                x  Delete warning and critical alerts
p  Sort processes by name                1  Global CPU or per-CPU stats
i  Sort processes by I/O rate            I  Show/hide IP module
t  Sort processes by TIME                D  Enable/disable Docker stats
d  Show/hide disk I/O stats              T  View network I/O as combination
f  Show/hide filesystem stats            U  View cumulative network I/O
n  Show/hide network stats               F  Show filesystem free space
s  Show/hide sensors stats               g  Generate graphs for current history
2  Show/hide left sidebar                r  Reset history
z  Enable/disable processes stats        h  Show/hide this help screen
3  Enable/disable quick look plugin      q  Quit (Esc and Ctrl-C also work)
e  Enable/disable top extended stats
/  Enable/disable short processes name
0  Enable/disable Irix process CPU
  • git repo for the web interface

  • web display
pip install bottle
glances -w

web site will be visible at http://{serverIP}:61208

change port with apache & mod_proxy & mod_proxy_http

<VirtualHost *:80>
# [ Server Domain ]
ServerName localhost
# [ Server Root ]
DocumentRoot /var/www/temp/
# [ Proxy Redirect ]
ProxyPass / http://{serverIP}:61208/
ProxyPassReverse /  http://{serverIP}:61208/

to start glances web as a service

crontab -e

then add into it

@reboot glances -w