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  • A mail sign is in HTML format, the best is to use basic HTML to increase compatibility with mails clients
  • A sign should not be higher than 10ko ( 5 ko is recommended )
  • As images are important for a nice display, it is important to know how to set them well
  • For more templating information there s a lot of website like:

  • Finally, the most important is the fact that you like your sign before others,

the display rules ( spacing, solors, visibility .. ) are the same as any documents or supports


  • external images ( not recommended )
    • trouble : mail client will ask user acceptation to display the images

<img src="">

  • encoded images ( recommended )
    • trouble : some ( not a lot but some are important like hotmail ) will not display the images

<img src="_BASE64_DE_L_IMAGE_ICI...FIN_DU_CODE">

  • encoded images in attached files ( highly recommended )
    • trouble : not a lot of mail client do it ( well ), most of the time it is the case use for mail sent programatically

--boundary Content-Type: image/png; name="sig.png" Content-Disposition: inline; filename="sig.png" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-ID: <0123456789> Content-Location: sig.png base64 data --boundary <img src="cid:0123456789">

a post explain it more in detail :

  • to encode images in base64 there es only tool like but you can do it programatically if you want

  • Image optimization is important, for exemple png-8 16 to 128 colors instead of png-24, try to change option to decrease the weight


  • Here is my sign ( 9ko images included ):

Best regards,

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